Pastor Paul talks about putting your trust in God

Day two

We recently entered the season of Spring, when we are expected to see new life, fresh things, people feeling better about themselves after the Winter season. Yet, what we are seeing unfold before our eyes is something we have never witnessed before… the spread of a deadly and dreadful virus.

Clearly there is much fear and panic in the hearts of people, as we live in uncertain times. However, be encouraged that whilst there is evident confusion and unease on the ground, our confidence and anchor is in an unchanging God.

I read Psalm 46 again this morning and reminded myself that God IS our ever present helper in time of trouble. The Psalm ends with an exhortation to ‘Be still and know that I am God’.

I genuinely believe that God will bring good out of this Pandemic. The God you and I have trusted in the past is the One who is faithful still. Allow His perfect peace to rule in your heart during this uncertain time. I woke up yesterday morning with the thought that if God my Father cares so attentively for the wild flowers in a field… how much more will He attend to you and I and do the very best for us. Remember we live in God’s very own Intensive Care Unit and He has promised to shield us from all danger.

In the Bible the phrase ‘And it came to pass’ is often used. This awful situation will come to pass and I pray that we will reassemble as a church community and see new people join us because of the care and love the local church has demonstrated to its community during this difficult season.

I pray that God will strengthen your heart and mind and each day our focus will be on a God in absolute control over all things.

Stay in faith

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