Phil talks about shielding

Day eight

This week 1.5 million people will have received a letter or text from the NHS informing them that they are considered to be so high a risk that they should completely shut themselves away for at least 12 weeks – this is called shielding.

They are not to leave their homes and they are not to come into contact with anyone. They are so vulnerable that they would be a serious risk if they contracted Coronavirus. What is more, the NHS couldn’t cope with the surge of people needing hospital care and more acutely intensive care couldn’t cope with the numbers of people needing to be ventilated.

The country is about to mobilise 250,000 volunteers to support them and ensure that they are kept safe while the danger passes.

This morning the young doctors in surgery were wearing their old hospital scrubs and donned masks and gloves – they are keen to protect themselves.

When the enemy is so new and potentially deadly we sometimes have no choice but to hide away to protect ourselves. David experienced several occasions when in the face of an overwhelming enemy he had to hide away. Yet God proved to him that with God on your side any enemy can be overcome.

As Christians we have been equipped to cope with enemies. That is why the leadership has recently been emphasising the basics of our Christian life. They help protect us from the storms of life that expectedly and unexpectedly come our way.

We learn in Ephesians 6 that to be well protected we need to be fully armoured. Our shield is faith. Belief in God and what he can do allows us to fend off the burning arrows that come our way.

The Message version of this chapter makes it clear that we can’t win on our own – we need the help that God gives us to protect us. Also this is not about a pandemic that will go away but issues that we need protection throughout our life. Therefore, grab hold of the full amour of God. God’s Word and prayer are vital and so are truth, justice, righteousness, faith and salvation worked out into reality within our lives.

Shield yourself from the virus now circulating locally and help others more vulnerable than you. But more than this use this time where we have more space in our lives than ever to fully equip yourselves for the rest of your life.

Have a great day shielding, self-isolating and social distancing!!!


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