Ruth talks about having a break

Day 13

In this time of lockdown I am sure many of us have been very thankful for social media, whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp etc., to keep in touch with our families and friends. It was great last Tuesday to be part of the Zoom Bible Study group and on Sunday being part of the digital service and Zoom coffee time. But I would just ask that we remember some of our older members who don’t have access to social media etc. If you could just pick up the phone and give them a ring I am sure they would be very grateful.

There is a famous advert that says this “Have a break have a Kit Kat (other Chocolate bars are available) 😀 So there is one thing I have been thinking about at this time and it is the Sabbath Rest that the Lord gives us. He didn’t give us a Sabbath rest just to spoil our fun, He gave us it so that our bodies and spirits can be refreshed and renewed and that we can have fellowship with Him. So now we have been given this Sabbath rest I hope we can all enjoy it positively.

My phone is set to start giving me notifications from 7 o’clock each morning. So every time my phone pings I am tempted to look and see who is trying to contact me or what people are saying on social media etc. I have been thinking that perhaps at least for one hour during the day I ought to have a Sabbath rest from my phone.

God wants to have Fellowship with us and wants us to have a Sabbath rest so that we can be Renewed and Refreshed. Please take this as Gift from Him.


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