Paul talks about how to overcome feeling under siege

Day 14

In conversation with a lady stood in the queue at Sainsbury’s at the weekend (of course we were two metres apart before you ask), she referred to us as a country being under siege. That got me thinking and I guess there is a genuine sense of siege in people’s lives at this time. Remember over 25 per cent of the world’s population are presently confined to their homes.

I think most of us at sometime or another have felt under siege. People who have experienced long term illness, depression, battling addiction, bereavement and a whole host of other things that give us the sense of being under siege.

Our encouragement is that when we read the Old Testament, we see God breaking through sieges and delivering His people. We witness God turning situations around for the good of His people.

So, if you feel hemmed in, under stress, feeling lonely… let me remind you that our God is the God of breakthrough and will provide grace and favour during these unique times for us as a country.

Psalm 46 talks about natural disasters and other calamities that come over people’s lives from time to time, and then inserts this little phrase: ‘And God is in the midst of them’.

Allow God to break the limitations of your world and for you to see the bigger picture.
He will give grace to endure and you will know that even though you feel a sense of siege mentality, you can rely on the certainty of God’s abiding love and presence.

‘If God be for us… who can be against us ?’.

In times of lockdown, let us pray for breakthrough.

Have a Spirit inspired day.


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