Paul talks about God’s heart

Day 21

Hi everyone

One of the grim statistics we have to endure every day is the mounting death toll of Covid-19 victims. Each day figures for the UK and other nations are published. I’m sure you feel helpless and uncomfortable when those details are disclosed.

On an average day before this dreadful invisible virus broke out, research tells us that roughly 130,000 die each day across the globe, a large percentage of those don’t know Jesus.

Many are asking ‘What is the meaning of life?’. There are lots of different views and opinions expressed, however, I think the answer is summed up in the words of 1 Timothy 2:4: ‘God wants all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth’.

Everything else that happens on earth is secondary to this. This is the great plan and heart of God. Surely this is what Easter is all about… there is no greater plan, there is no other ‘Grand design’… this is it! There is no Plan B.

One of most significant chapters in the Old Testament is Isaiah 53. It speaks about the events of Holy Week and the Cross, some 700 years before they took place. It also includes a promise that through the death of Christ on the Cross, a harvest of souls will be gathered. It’s captured in three words frequently used when referring to the death of Jesus: ‘Once for ALL’. One of the great Easter texts is the words of Jesus speaking about Himself: ‘And if I be lifted up I will draw ALL men to myself’.

Why is it God’s number one plan? Because He loves His Son so much He planned to have millions upon millions more of ‘them’. God looks at you and expects you to become like Jesus. Wow, what a blueprint the Father is working to. He sees phenomenal potential in you.

The Father heart of God is towards the lost, and His will for every person on the planet is for them to repent, receive the Gospel and receive Eternal life… some by grace will respond, however, some will not. God has given power of choice to people.

There is no limitation in the word ‘ Whosoever’ it’s all inclusive!! God’s ability to save is not limited. If that’s the desire in the heart of God, then surely it should be ours also? To see as many of our family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours all come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

The ‘whosoever’ in John 3:16 is your friend, work mate, relative. Share with them over this Easter period the amazing narrative of what happened 2000 years ago.

May we see together this Easter those we have prayed for receive Jesus.

Have a fruitful Holy Week


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