Centurion’s Log

My name is Timotheus and I am a Centurion currently serving in Palestine, based for the last three years in Capernaum where I built up a good relationship with the religious leaders and had one of my servants healed by one of their Prophets called Jesus.

This is an extract from my diary I want to share with you all.

Ten days ago when our Governor Pontus Pilate requested myself and my legion to come to
Jerusalem to apprehend a criminal called Barabbas, who we caught and put in prison prior
to his crucifixion.

But five days ago on the first day of the new week Jerusalem was turned upside down as
this Prophet Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey while the crowds rejoiced, partied and
cried out in their language ‘Hosanna to the Son of David’.

But today the joy and happiness of five days ago has been replaced with a crowd baying for
blood and crying for Jesus to be crucified despite Pilate’s objection as he knew that this man was innocent.

So I stood in Pilates courtyard and saw the criminal named Barabbas being released and my men taking away this innocent Prophet while I finalised the paperwork with the Governor.

When I got to the barracks my men had put a purple robe on Jesus and a crown of thorns
was rammed into his head, we then had Jesus flogged 39 times using a whip with lead
chunks at the end, each time the whip was withdrawn large chunks of flesh came away too; but through it all this Man never said a word.

Following the flogging we tried to march Jesus and two other criminals through the streets of Jerusalem, but Jesus kept on falling down, so we grabbed an African man and forced him to carry Jesus’ cross. All the time the crowds kept crying abuse and venom at the same man they cheered a few days ago.

When we got outside the city and up a hill called ‘Golgotha’ in the local language we placed the cross on the ground and my men laid Jesus on the cross and nailed his hands and feet to it, the other two criminals kicked and screaming their hatred towards me and my men, but Jesus put up no resistance and as we dropped the middle cross into its position he seemed to pray for us and everyone in the crowd. We also hung a sign above Jesus which Pilate had dictated to me ‘This is Jesus, The King of the Jews’ which really annoyed the religious leaders.

After three hours of darkness from noon to three o’clock Jesus cried out in the local
language ‘My God, my God why have you abandoned me’. After a short time Jesus cried out
again with a mighty shout ‘It is finished’ and breathed his last breath.

At that moment panic hit the city as there was an earthquake and in the Temple a curtain
which separated people from the Holiest place was torn in two from the top to the bottom.
With the earthquake I took the decision to bring the crucifixions to an end by breaking the
legs of the criminals, but when I got to Jesus I rammed a spear into his side and right
into his heart and as I withdrew the spear a flood of blood and water gushed out. This made me declare ‘Surely he was the Son of God’.

I and my men left some women at the place of crucifixion and made our way back to our
garrison – before retiring from the night I had to report back to Pilate and assign four of my
men to guard Jesus tomb.

As a professional soldier I have seen many crucifixions, but I believe today we crucified an
innocent and holy man. I don’t believe my actions will be remembered, but I do strongly
believe that the death of Jesus will be remembered forever.

Centurion Timotheus
Jerusalem AD33

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