A post Easter message from Pastor Paul

Day 27

Hi everyone

We are already talking about life post Coronavirus. Will we revert back to type and normal routines? Think about life through the eyes of the disciples post Easter. For them the Cross was the end, their hopes and aspirations for the future were in ruin, they were anxious for their own lives due to their association with Jesus.

However, Easter Sunday changed everything. Their leader and master was back with them and it certainly injected courage and energy into them. They suddenly had a new perspective on life and ministry. Jesus was kind to them, He gently reminded them ‘I told you so’.

Their empty hearts were full again and now ready to turn the world upside down.
It’s interesting that the word ‘empty’ is significant in relation to the Easter story.
We see an empty Cross, empty grave clothes, and, of course, an empty tomb!

The Apostle Paul reminds us that the Resurrection changes everything and if it hadn’t happened our faith and service will have all been in vain. The unique truth of the Resurrection sets Christianity apart from every other religion. Our leader is alive and building His church. May the dynamic truth of Jesus rising again from the dead, stir us into action and mission once again. Remember the words written by Paul in Romans 8… ‘if the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead… dwells in you… you will be a difference maker!

I believe in life after Easter and I pray we will be carriers of the life of the risen Jesus into a world looking for answers. At the Cross, Jesus announced ‘It is finished’ (three hugely significant words). On Easter Sunday, the Angel announced ‘He has risen’ … again three words of huge importance.

In April 2020 the community of believers in Smawthorne Community Church declare ‘Lord send me’… three words that could change your life and help change your community.

Live out the Easter message every day of the year.

Easter blessings

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