Tim shares the thought ‘Here am I, send me’

Day 40

Isaiah 1:8

I work for Wakefield Council as a Disability Project Officer based at the Civic Centre in Castleford and I project manage various disabled adaptations within people’s homes across Wakefield District. However, after some basic awareness training I was requested to provide Personal Care and Support at a Care Home. This request was rejected as I had not received sufficient training and had no previous experience. On this occasion I was unable to say “here I am, send me.”

But I do applaud and give my full respect to all the front line NHS and Care Home workers who are willing to assist those in our hospitals and care homes not just in the Wakefield District but right across the UK; plus the key workers who enable these front line individuals to function. I hope that you will join me again on Thursday night and vigorously clap our new superheroes.

Two Sundays ago, Linda and I led our digital Sunday morning service, as part of that service Linda shared that with regards to going to Zimbabwe she had no calling, but she was willing to be led by God and step out into the river of God as mentioned in Ezekiel 47.

Since the lock down our Foodbank service has changed and we now operate a twice a week food parcel delivery service on behalf of Wakefield Council and other agencies. I would like to thank everyone who has willingly given their time to support, and donate and distribute food parcels across the Castleford district and beyond. We wouldn’t class ourselves as heroes, but we have received some lovely comments from both the agencies and the parcel recipients.

I don’t think Isaiah would have classed himself as a hero, let alone a superhero. In Isaiah chapter 1 we read that Isaiah had a vision as he tells us in verse 1 “​I saw the Lord seated on a throne, he was high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple​.” Isaiah’s reaction is recorded in verse 5 “​Woe to me!” “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty​.”

Instead of being destroyed, Isaiah’s lips are touched and his guilt is removed, then he hears the Lord speaking and asking for a volunteer to go and talk to the Children of Israel on the Lord’s behalf. In verse 8 Isaiah in effect raised his hand and volunteered to go as he declared “​Here am I. Send me​!”

God did indeed use Isaiah to speak to the Children of Israel and in Isaiah chapter 53 God uses Isaiah’s mouth to prophesy the horrific death and glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are you being asked by God to do something during this time of lock down and saying “Me Lord are you sure?” No matter how big or small the task is, all you need to say is “Here am I send me!” and he will guide you as you step out for him.

God bless you and all involved in serving on the front line and our community.


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