Linda talks about 40 days

Day 49

Hi everyone hope you are keeping safe and well.

Today I want to share with you a few thoughts about 40 days. 40 days are talked about quite a few times in the bible. I am just going to touch briefly on three.

The first one is found in Genesis 7 and is very familiar to us all. It is the record of Noah’s ark. Noah and his family had spent years and years trusting God and building the ark to the exact specification God had given him. This in itself is a miracle as he was building the ark ready for rain like they had never seen before.

On completion of the ark Noah then waited for the command from God to enter the ark. On the exact day and time given by God Noah entered the ark with his family and of course the animals. It then started to rain and it rained and it rained for 40 days and nights. Although there is no description of what was happening on the ark during the 40 days of rain Noah and his family must have been wondering if it was ever going to stop. They could also have been wondering if they had enough food on board for themselves and the animals. Even after the 40 days of rain Noah and his family had to remain on the ark until God’s appointed time for them to leave.

Another story recorded in the bible that refers to 40 days is David and Goliath this story is found in 1 Samuel 17. I know we are all very familiar with the story, but today I want to look at it from Goliaths view. Goliath was a champion among the Philistines, he was chosen to fight the Israelites. Goliath was fully prepared for battle he had on the full armour, the only bit of him not protected was his face. He had come out to battle for 39 days but no one from the Israelites were brave enough to fight him. He thought that the victory was his. But God had a different plan on the 40th day he sent David the young shepherd boy (who was later going to be king of Israel) David unlike Goliath was physically unprepared he had no armour, he had no experience of battles but he had one thing on his side that Goliath didn’t and that was God. He listened to God and obeyed him he stepped up when no one else did. Using the only weapon he knew how to use a sling and stone he aimed at Goliath who was laughing with embarrassment that the Israelites thought David could win the battle against a giant like him then with just one throw the stone hit Goliath in the middle of his forehead the one place not protected and down he fell.

Another time 40 days is mentioned in the bible is in Acts 1 again a story we are very familiar with, it is the ascension of Jesus to take up his seat at the right hand of his father. After Jesus death and resurrection he had spent a further 40 days teaching his disciples about the work they would be doing on his behalf he talked to them, he prayed with them and he empowered them to do the work of God after his ascension. After the ascension of Jesus the disciples went in to the upper room to pray, as before the ascension Jesus had promised them that he had to go to his father before the comforter could come.

Now you may be wondering why I have shared about 40 days and how we can relate to the stories I have referred to. Well it is 40 days since the official start of full lockdown and I can’t speak for you but I have needed the courage, stamina, and peace that all the characters in the stories needed

Noah, David and the disciples were all ridiculed by their peers for believing that God was going before them.

Goliath was well prepared so he thought but God knew better.

The Israelite army had had lots of training but it took a shepherd boy with no training but knowing God was on his side to beat the battle.

Noah and his family were safe in the boat only because he had followed God’s instruction no matter how daft they appeared and he kept going right to end.

The disciples although they had walked and talked with Jesus could have easily given up hope as after the 40 days he was taken away from them again but they held on praying and seeking God. God knew they would need further support so he sent his holy spirit the same spirit that we have access to on a daily basis.

So how are you coping during the 40 days of lockdown do you feel have you felt ridiculed for believing.

Have you been questioning why God?

Have you been feeling abandoned just like the disciples when Jesus left them.

Did you feel you were well prepared like Goliath only for God to disrupt your plans like or are you like David and have a giant like Goliath in your life that you need to overcome.

If so you are not alone I think a lot of people have felt these thoughts too.. I just want to remind you that God is never more than a prayer away. He will hear and answer prayer just keep pressing in. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. His promise to Noah was the sign of the rainbow and with so many rainbows on show during this time claim God’s promise to you. He wants us all to find that inner peace that comes from knowing him. As the verse in the Psalms says:

                 Be still and know that I am God.

So remember be like Noah Stay in, Stay safe, Save lives!

     Linda x

One thought on “Linda talks about 40 days

  1. Thanks Linda for your encouragement to keep on trusting. I am one of those people who likes to have everything worked out “Today”. But if like Noah and is family I am patient I will see God’s Covenant Rainbow 🌈


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