Ruth talks about the importance of friends

Day 58

Before the onset of Facebook etc. there was a social platform on the Internet called Friends re United. When you enrolled and put in your details you could see if there was anyone that you had known from the past e.g. school, work etc. and I know many people got back in touch with their old friends.

Over the years I have formed many friendships, from childhood to older age and it’s lovely when I meet new people and then before I know it I have made friends with them. I still have friendships that I formed as a child and we are still close friends. Often there seems to be a bond in friendship that is different to merely making an acquaintance with someone. When you meet new people there is something about a particular person that draws you together. C.S Lewis says this about friendship: “Friendship is born when one says to the other, what you too; I thought I was the only one”. It’s lovely in these days of lockdown to pick up the phone and talk things over with your friends. You often feel very supported when you have finished your conversation.

In the Bible there are many instances of close friendships and I suppose one of the most famous is that of David and Jonathan’s close friendship. David owed his life to his friend Jonathan. Also Jonathan gave up all his hopes and aspirations of becoming King for the sake of David. Jonathan must have been in touch with God and he must have seen that David was God’s choice for Kingship. Wow what a friend to have. David grieved for Jonathan when he was killed in battle (2 Samuel Chapter 1:25-26) and provided for Jonathan’s family (2 Samuel Chapter 9).

Another friendship was that of Paul and Barnabas (although this one did not turn out so well). They went through so much together but after a disagreement about Mark they parted company (what a shame). Follow their story in Acts 13:2-15:41.

But of course the best friend we can have is Jesus. He gave His life for us (John 15:13-16) He has forgiven our sins. He is the one that knows us best and He knows just what we need at any time of the night or day. He is always there and we can turn to Him at any time.

How great it is to have a friend like Jesus.

So this weekend pick up the phone and have a chat to one of your friends, they might need you at that precise moment to give them reassurance. But never forget to have daily time with Jesus, He is longing for you to fellowship with Him.


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