Real game changer: A thought from Phil about Pentecost

Day 71 It’s amazing how new phrases arrive in our lexicon and take over our world almost instantly when a new situation arises. In 2019 some of the following would have meant nothing to us: Coronavirus, PPE, Furloughed, Shielding, Social Distancing etc… you get what I am saying. Yet now these words and phrases areContinue reading “Real game changer: A thought from Phil about Pentecost”

Linda talks about the upper room experience

Day 69 When I was a little girl about 50 years ago, there was quite a popular chorus sung at my local church the words went something like this: ‘If the same SpiritThat raised Christ from the deadDwell in you, dwell in you;If the same spiritThat raised Christ from the dead Dwell in you, dwellContinue reading “Linda talks about the upper room experience”

Paul talks about not losing heart during the pandemic

Day 65 Hi everyone, If you managed to get out of the house a little during the last eight weeks, you will havenoticed an increase number of joggers. People of all shapes, sizes and ages pounding the streets in an effort to retain their fitness during lockdown (good on them I say). In my mindContinue reading “Paul talks about not losing heart during the pandemic”

Janette talks about clearing out the rubbish

Day 62 Well here we are, week nine of lockdown and I hope you are managing to keep busy and have some focus to your day. I find myself in a phase of life which is quite different to what I have known before, I have time! The problem with having time to do thingsContinue reading “Janette talks about clearing out the rubbish”

Ruth talks about the importance of friends

Day 58 Before the onset of Facebook etc. there was a social platform on the Internet called Friends re United. When you enrolled and put in your details you could see if there was anyone that you had known from the past e.g. school, work etc. and I know many people got back in touchContinue reading “Ruth talks about the importance of friends”

Tim shares the thought ‘it’s all rubbish to me’

Day 54 Philippians 3: 8 On Sunday evening the Prime Minister announced a tentative relaxation of the lock down; so we can now do more exercise and either walk or bike to work.  Wakefield Council have agreed to open three waste centres across the Borough and I have now been redeployed for up to theContinue reading “Tim shares the thought ‘it’s all rubbish to me’”

Mandy talks about lockdown, birdsong and the gas man

Day 47 Something that always lifts my mood is hearing birdsong, wherever I am. Even on busy normal work days, I can be rushing about and suddenly hear a bird singing, notice it and really listen, even if it is just for a few seconds… which becomes a few seconds of rest from the hustleContinue reading “Mandy talks about lockdown, birdsong and the gas man”

Olivia shares the thought ‘still here to help’

Day 42 This week got off to a busy start for me workwise. Since social distancing measures were introduced and Covid-19 changed the way health services operate, we have seen a reduction in the number of people attending A&E and contacting their GP practice when they need help. This week, we launched a new socialContinue reading “Olivia shares the thought ‘still here to help’”

Tim shares the thought ‘Here am I, send me’

Day 40 Isaiah 1:8 I work for Wakefield Council as a Disability Project Officer based at the Civic Centre in Castleford and I project manage various disabled adaptations within people’s homes across Wakefield District. However, after some basic awareness training I was requested to provide Personal Care and Support at a Care Home. This requestContinue reading “Tim shares the thought ‘Here am I, send me’”

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